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Binding and Laminating

Our comb, velo, and tape bindings put a professional finish to your business plans, catalogs, manuals, presentations, reports and self-published books. 20 pages or less? 400 or more? Our bindings secure every sheet and look terrific.

A Helpful Hint from Copies & More . . .

How will your readers use the document you’re binding? If they’ll want to open it flat, use a comb binding. If they’ll want to remove and replace pages, hole-punch the document and insert it in a notebook binder.     

For a more professional look, consider velo or book binding. They keep pages more secure.

To keep your special papers fresh and new, try lamination. We laminate business cards, directions, drawings, maps, menus, photos, placemats, prints—any document up to 24 inches wide.

Comb Binding

Our Ibico E-Kombo binds up to 450 sheets in a black, navy, red, yellow, white, or clear plastic comb (from 1/4 inch up to 2 inches in size).

Velo Binding

Our GBC VeloBinder binds up to 350 sheets between two black plastic strips. Plastic pins keep your pages secure.

Book Binding

Our Fastback Model 8 compact book binding machine binds up to 275 sheets perfectly.


Our Eagle 65 delivers scratch-free lamination with a quality edge seal.