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“I do all my shipping at Copies & More, because my film needs to get to the photo lab on time. Service is fast, friendly, and reliable. If I’m on the run and forget labels or an envelope, no problem. Copies & More has everything I need.” Annie Card, Annie Card Photography, Sharon, NH

Packing and Shipping

An elk head with a full rack of antlers? Unique, irreplaceable photos? Furniture? Saddles? We’ve packed it and shipped it, short distances or international! At Copies & More, we turn shipping challenges into successful deliveries. Every day.


Your valuables are sure to fit one of our 32 sizes of boxes; three sizes of mailing tubes (38 x 4 x 4; 24 x 3 x 3; and 18 x 3 x 3); or custom wooden crates.

We choose the right materials to keep your valuables safe, no matter how far they travel: peanuts, 1/2 inch bubble wrap, 1/4 inch bubble, foam wrap, single-sided corrugate, double corrugate, blank newsprint paper, insulation, and double-walling.


We ship around the country and around the world using FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Locally, we use dependable TSI Trucking to transport packages (four years without a problem). Can’t figure out who you should choose? We’ll run the figures and tell you what company offers the best value.


When will the package arrive? Where is it now? Who signed for it? No need to worry: we track every package that leaves our shop. If a package ever goes astray, we know how to hunt it down and correct the problem. We baby your package from the moment we receive it until the moment it reaches its destination.

At Copies & More, we balance concern for your package with concern for the environment. We use only top-grade packing materials. Then we recycle materials we can’t use by donating them to local organizations, like Children in the Arts